Papa Joe at Black World Books

Join us at Black World Books with author Joe Brundidge aka Joe B aka Papa Joe reading excerpts from his first published book of poetry, "Elementary 615".

Joe Brundidge is an author, host, and public speaker living in Austin, Texas. Hailing from Killeen, he speaks in a cadence that does not break down across barriers of race, age or geography. Soulful stanzas echoing something between Coltrane and Cyrano, Joe Brundidge aka Element 615 is unapologetically romantic, devoid of pretension, and delightfully sensual. His work promotes thought as a natural bi-product of itself, while unambiguously uniting his audience with his honest, compassionate take on the human experience. He has hosted a number of open mic for almost 20 years to include Spoken & Heard at Kick Butt Coffee, an event he curates.

He has graced many a stage in his home state of Texas, performing and hosting at poetry venues from frequent slam performances in Austin and abroad. He created and currently co-hosts his open mic "Spoken & Heard", now in it's 10th year, as well as a co-host of "Writing On The Air" on KOOP 91.7fm. He has also served as the Director of the Austin International Poetry Festival for three years, from 2012-2015.

Come through to Black World Book 11/11/2017 for good words and a great time!

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